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January 16, 2006:

Anette on the air...
You can listen to Anette (and Beata from the Czech Republic) live via internet-stream every Friday between 19:00 and 20:00 pm (czech time) at "Radio Student", Brno (Rebroadcast: The following Friday at 3:00 am).
The homepage of the radio-station is Use the stream-buttons at the top.
The broadcast is called "Treffpunkt Brno" and in german language.
UPDATE (May 03, 2006): "Treffpunkt" takes a break for a while.

December 22, 2005:

Merry christmas to all of you, all the best and a happy new year.

February 23, 2005:

This is the second year Anette is working for the "ILC International House" in Brno (Czech Republic).
Some links:

The school
The teachers 2004/2005 (1)
The teachers 2004/2005 (2)

June 27, 2004:

Happy Birthday, Anette.
And all the best from Germany. And a relaxed trip to the east.

Dear visitor, Anette loves to get heaps of birthday mails ;-)
Take care, Karsten

Flood destroyed Bukit Lawang (Sumatra)

At the beginning of November 2003 a flood destroyed Bukit Lawang and killed many people. For me who really enjoyed the time there and met some great people quite a shock when I found out about it. One of the people killed was Rolan, the fantastic painter I met there.

All these people do still need help and support. There is a group of people from Bukit Lawang living overseas who are looking for donations for the people in Bukit Lawang, the address is, there you can find more information about the situation in Bukit Lawang and perhaps some of you might make a donation.

Bukit Lawang 2001:   Diary entry   Photos

December 24, 2003:

From the guestbook (Anette, December 11):
(...) By the way, I've got two more lessons to teach today and then I've got three weeks off - paid! Brno is now freezing cold, really need some warm weather again, seems i've to wait till summer, bummer! Greetings to everybody reading this page.

From the guestbook (Anette, December 24):
To all of you a merry xmas and a happy new year, still didn't get around to write more but Karsten didn't add the last entry till now anyway, he was busy. Will try to get better
(me too, Karsten), I don't know how often I have promised that......but I really will try....

November 5, 2003:

Anette's letter with some photos reached me yesterday, but I need some time to update the diary (very much work this month).
Greetings, Karsten

October 28, 2003:

From the guestbook (Anette):
Okay, an update is on its way to Karsten. I am still in Brno, living and teaching and will stick around here for a bit longer. I will try to write a bit more till Christmas (it is a long time, but i know myself). Otherwise looking forward to hear from anybody out there.

September 18, 2003:

From the guestbook:
Sorry, but there is so much to do and happening that I just can't keep up track, hopefully the weekend will give me some time.  (...)
All my love, Anette

September 7, 2003:

Still in the Czech Republic. Anette wrote a mail from Banska Stiavnica and the next destination is Znojmo. Saturday she's back in Brno for a while...

June 29, 2003:

On the road again. Since today she's in Prague (Czech Rep.) for a month.

June 10, 2003:

... by the way, Anette loves to get birthday-mails (June, 27)   ;-)

Mai 30, 2003:

The "Lonely Planet" placed a link to this site. That's nice... :-)
Lonely Planet - On the Road (Tales from the web)

April 19, 2003:

"Anette's Travel Diary" has changed the server! The new address is Please read this.

December 22, 2002:

Anette is back in Dortmund/Germany for some months. More news later...
Merry christmas to all of you, all the best and a happy new year.

October 30, 2002:

The second year is over... Anette's trip started at October 30, 2000 with a flight from Germany to Australia.

October 19, 2002:

Anette informed me about an interesting article she found in the Bangkok Post (Newspaper):
"Animal rights group urges tourist boycott"

October 1, 2002:

From the guestbook (Anette):
By the way, I landed in Bangkok this morning and I still haven't finished the diary from the last months, sorry, but I'm working on it.

September 19, 2002:

Again some news in the guestbook... (Anette)
Hi there,
just brief news from Bowen. Frieda
(Anette's car) left me today or better to say I sold her for $900. Well, that's some travel money for Thailand. Will leave from Bowen next Wednesday to get up to Cairns. Then on Sunday I'll fly down to Melbourne. Time is flying by...

September 08, 2002:

Anette wrote a brief note in the guestbook:
Okay, just to give you an idea where I am at the moment. From Wallaman Falls to Murray Falls and then 400 km back down to Bowen, where I've been now for the last three weeks and where I'll be for a bit longer still.

September 03, 2002:

And again: 39 photos (Thailand, Malaysia and Sumatra)

August 28, 2002:

Update of the "Photographs"-section: Cambodia 2001, 29 photos

August 13, 2002:

Her current position: Balgal Beach/Rollingstone > Forest Beach > Ingham. She is on the way to the Wallaman Falls (the highest falls of Oz), 55 km west of Ingham.

August 9, 2002:

Again a short info about Anette: Today she's leaving Alligator Creek near Townsville.

June 27, 2002:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and some flowers   :-)
Hope, you have a nice day and a cake!
Take care...   Karsten